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Strengthening & Rebuilding Marriages by

Mending Married Hearts 


About Me

Welcome to Mending Married Hearts:  The mission is to help every married or engaged couple by aiding in the building or rebuilding of their relationships through highly effective faith based coaching. I speak from experiences and from the things I've been taught over the 35 plus years of my marriage.  I understand that you can be together and actually love each other, yet somewhere on your journey together one or both of you may have experienced a type of hurt that has not yet gone away and it's really damaging your marriage.

I was born in a small town in LA (lower Alabama) called Ozark, I was the oldest of five children. I left to serve my country for nine years in the US Army ending in Fort Riley, KS. This also lead me to meet the love of my life, my wife of now more than 35 years. We now live in Kansas City, MO and have raised four children and are the proud grand parents of ten. My marriage has allowed me to experience some great things that I would've otherwise never experienced.  Marriage is awesome, but also challenging.  I didn't have the privilege of receiving the counseling I so needed in the beginning of my marriage.  This is why it's so important to me to give you the best information and impartation I can give in the form of marriage coaching to help you make it through and perhaps avoid some of the pitfalls in most marriage relationships.



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