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My Approach

God has not joined two people together to create hurt for each other but rather to create an atmosphere of love and giving ones self to enhance the life of the other.  But life itself often times has a hand to play in our relationships and I know it oh so well. I want to go with you on this trip to experience the love even better than that you once shared without the hurt. I want you to know that torn, broken, disappointed, discouraged and neglected hearts can be mended.

I believe I was called by God to actually to preach and teach the word of God as a very young man. I have known for years that ministering was in my destiny. I am grateful to God for this privilege to lead His children in the direction of their God given destiny to live a better life with the people they love.  God has blessed me with the ability to use His word, tools of relationship studies and the wisdom of my experiences to set structure and revive your relationship.

Mending a relationship requires purposeful precision and care. I believe that any two people that desire to mend their relationship can indeed, with the help of wise counsel and God, do so. I have been counseling and helping marriages for over 20 years and I feel a deep passion for helping to bring hearts that have been shattered apart back together by helping couples to identify the root of their hurt or disfunction.  I don't judge.  I help to rectify wrong and pull the best out of even a good relationship.

Just as important as marriage coaching, premarital coaching is of great importance prior to the marriage to give a much clearer picture to what a couple is embarking upon at this stage of their life. You have a great opportunity to add a life changing impact to your relationship. Allow me to give your relationship a much higher level of success.  The process will be one of the greatest moves you will ever experience!

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