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Marriage, In it to Win it!

Updated: Jul 2, 2020

Let me first say that of course marriage is not a competitive sport or activity. But there are so many elements we have to compete with when it comes to marriage.

No one starts a race to lose. No one starts a project to be defeated. And no one start's a marriage to lose it! I've always been told that anything worth having is worth fighting for! This then means that nothing worth having is going to be easy. No fight is required for easy. I believe that those that give up on their marriage fairly quickly don't have a clue to what they could've had. Marriage is well worth the fight.

I've seen couples out in restaurants sitting down to eat with very little if any at all conversations. Perhaps they're going through an argument or disagreement. I've heard people talk as if their spouse has this or that issue that drives them up the wall. I've heard couples say that this just ain't worth the head aches, anger and heart aches. But I challenge you to just determine to fight for your marriage! I don't mean fight each other! But you should fight with all you have the issues that are the culprit for the pain in your relationship.

You see you can't even win a rigged fight if you don't show up! So, show up by being open and upfront with your spouse about the hurts or discomforts in your relationship. Be open to receive feedback good or bad and then do an honest evaluation of the part you've played in creating the environment in your relationship. Fight to change what needs to be changed in you before you expect the change in your spouse. It's not going to be easy, but that's because it's worth it! Ding! ding! When the bell rings, come to your coaches corner and gather insight on how to win the fight. You might find that you're dragging your feet, you're shuffling when you should be ducking, you're punching when you should blocking. Translation would be; you're talking when you should be listening, you're closing them out when you should be letting them in, or you're criticizing when you should be encouraging. No relationship is perfect. We all have our challenges but I believe You Can Do This. Why? You're in It! To Win It!

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