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The Power of Choice!

We all, from the time we were little children until adulthood have been given the power of choice. But what I've found out in my years of life and marriage is we don't always acknowledge that we have this power. Matter of fact we act as if we are clearly unaware that this power exist except when it's convenient for our benefit. We say things like I don't know why I did this or that or we say things like I didn't mean to do this or that. And in our relationships with our wives we sometimes say some of the same words. I remember a time when I spoke out of line and tone. And later had to come back and apologize just because of the choice I made in the moment. And though it seems there's no time to make a good choice, if we have time to make a bad choice we certainly have time to make a good choice. I hear you, "but you don't understand it happened so fast". Choices are made in the most split seconds even when you think you haven't made a choice. Someone once said that to not make a decision is to make a decision. So, even when we don't think we're making a choice we're making a choice to do or to don't.

If we would be more conscious of the choices we make, we can also be more aware of how to make better choices especially in our relationships. Choosing to be more considerate of how we deliver the message is just as important as the message itself. You see, I hear you differently when you deliver or talk to me differently. And get this, we always have time to choose whether we're going to give in to our bad emotions and allow them to dictate how we communicate in a totally non-effective manner. Or, we can choose to speak from a place of reason and be clear in our message producing very effective communication.

God has given us all this awesome power to choose. We must take advantage of this super power that has the ability to build or to tare down our relationships. I pray that you will use your Power of Choice to build or rebuild. The choice really is yours.

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