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Married On A Solid Foundation

Updated: Jun 2, 2022

Every structure whether commercial or residential starts with clearing the area and building a solid foundation prior to erecting the building. The structure,house or relationship can't even begin until the foundation is first laid. You see it doesn't even matter how elaborate the plans are, how much quality you plan on putting into the house or the fancy exterior and landscaping you put around the structure. If there hasn't been even more planning and labor put into the foundation it could lead to losing all of the progress you'll put into the structure. Our marriage relationships are no different. I've been watching some construction going on in my neighborhood and it's a major project. It took them approximately a year to remove the trees and then prepare the ground for the work to even begin. And now that the foundation is finished they're moving things along at a much faster pace. The framing went up in a matter of days where the foundation took months.

When it comes to our marriage in order to assure we have a solid foundation to build our beautiful house we must put the time in to address the things that need to be cleared out and prepare ourselves to receive what we intend to build together. Most of us, no all of us come into our marriages with issues; open or hidden, they're there. Premarital sessions are so important to the success of your marriage because it helps you to build that solid foundation. And it also helps you to see the foundation you've started to lay for your relationship that may need to be cleared. Clarity is key! Sometimes we need to clear out past hurts, an old perception of men or women in general, the mindset of being single, or the way we were raised verses the way our spouse or intended spouse was raised. These things tend to clash, if not at first, they sometimes secretly sneak up on us and start to create challenges to everything that you've built or envision to build together.

Building the foundation requires much larger equipment than it does to throw up cabinets and countertops. So be prepared to go deeper than the surface conversations. Don't be afraid to be open even though it may hurt or feel uncomfortable. The deeper the foundation the more solid the foundation. And remember that foundations do settle even after they've been built the correct way. But after a good foundation settles it's unmoveable. You may have to go back and revisit those deep issues, but because you put in the work in the beginning your beautiful house, relationship, will be immovable. Solid! Solid as a Rock!

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